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What Students are Saying

If you are seeking a comprehensive, craft-focused course, I give my highest recommendation to Randi Feldman’s script supervising course! If you want to be a script supervisor, if you want to be a director, if you are seeking a deep-dive into production theory, or if you are looking for an excellent alternative to a M.F.A. film program, then this is the place to be!

The course offers significant hands-on experience through many types of exercises, valuable reading, lectures, and homework assignments. Get out your stopwatch, your ruler, your colored pencils, et al – you will be doing the job in this class!

I came to this class with zero film experience and was able to learn from the ground up! The instructor expertly takes you through the life of the job: from pre-production to production, duties on set, working with multi-cameras, visual effects, and exposure to digital script supervising, including guest speakers, who are working script supervisors in the industry today.

Additionally, it is a class environment where being precise, organized, careful, articulate, professional, and graceful under pressure are valued and of consistent practice and healthy accountability. All of the work is posited in the affirmation that a script supervisor is a filmmaker, not just a notetaker, but the holder of classical film theory, and a technical advisor to the director and director of photography.

Nicholas Kowerko, 2022
Professor, Syracuse University
Assistant Director, Ain't Too Proud...on Broadway

Randi is an experienced Script Supervising Instructor who was a breathe of fresh air. Her approach to sharing her on-set script supervising experiences, theories of continuity and a wide range of practical learning styles comparable to industry standards were taught during her masterclass. 

Randi's class prepares you to be an effective script supervisor capable of contributing to the success of any production. The class highlight for me was leaving the class with a very valuable resource workbook I will be able to present at any job interview.

Paulette Harris, 2022

The course is incredibly comprehensive and detailed, covering all the fundamentals of Script Supervising, as well as 'real-world' scenarios that get you prepared for how to handle a busy on-set environment. Randi teaches so many great techniques for managing your work and processes, ensuring you are ready to step on set and begin your career. The course length is representative of the depth and detail of what you will learn, and is definitely for people who are serious about learning the craft. The course materials are a phenomenal reference to keep and refer back to even after you've finished the classes. I am so glad I took this course because it's given me a great toolset that has enabled me to successfully navigate many on-set challenges. 

Alyssa Grantham, 2022