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"Randi was one of the few teachers I've ever had that has changed the coarse of my life. I had a new career and earned professional respect from what's she has taught me and I will always remember her and recommend her to anyone that wants to learn the difficult craft of script supervising."

- Nadine Bass

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The Craft of the Script Supervisor

Digital Scripting:
Excel & Bluebeam Revu

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This is a 3-Day, hands-on digital script supervising workshop that teaches PC users how to create the forms required for script supervising as well as how to use Bluebeam Revu to line the script.

What you will learn

Taught By

Kiran Kaur Saini (Script Supervisor, IATSE Local 871)
Not only does Kiran teach this class here at Cinema Workshops, she also teaches Filemaker Pro for script supervisors at Studio Arts. 


Completion of Beginning Script Supervising Part A and/or some previous experience in script supervising.


For the Digital Script Supervising with the ScriptE System

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Cinema Workshops Advantage

Get referrals to projects that are being shot by first time directors and student filmmakers.

Receive an hour of free consultation before or after a filmmaking project.

Attend again for a refresher in the future after you have taken the class. You may retake this course where available for a reduced rate of $50.00 plus any current workbook fee. See details.

Tuition & Fees

3-Day Workshop Tuition
Tuition: $450.00

Deposit: $125.00 due upon registration

1-Day Workshop Tuition
Tuition: TBA
Workbook Fee: TBA
Total: TBA

Deposit: TBA due upon registration


3-Day Workshops


Excel (2 Days with 1 Day using Acrobat Pro X and/or Bluebeam Revue)

At this time, no workshops have been scheduled for 2024.

1-Day Workshops

At this time, no workshops have been scheduled for 2024.