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"After Randi's course I was sure for the first time what I wanted to do in the film business. I had a newborn baby and I struggled at first but after about2 years I began to establish myself in the commercial world and make a good living. Since '94 I have worked with many of the very top commercial directors in the world - both here and in Europe."

- Sarah Dart

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The Craft of the Script Supervisor

Script Supervising for Commercials

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The basic knowledge and skills acquired during your basic training as a script supervisor on dramatic films, becomes the foundation for learning to work on commercials. A great many of the same principles will apply to scripting both dramatic and commercial projects.

What you will learn


Completion of Beginning Script Supervising Part A and/or some previous experience in script supervising.

* Limited Enrollment
Please check with Randi Feldman at for availability.

Cinema Workshops Advantage

Receive a valuable Course Workbook that contains many examples of different types of commercials, essays, exercises and forms for scripting on all types of commercials.

Get referrals to projects that are being shot by first time directors and student filmmakers.

Receive an hour of free consultation before or after a filmmaking project.

Attend again for a refresher in the future after you have taken the class. You may retake this course where available for a reduced rate of $50.00 plus any current workbook fee. See details.

Tuition & Fees

Workshop Tuition
Tuition: $300.00
Workbook/Supplies Fee: $20.00
Total: $320.00

Deposit: $100.00 due upon registration

With 10% Discount
Tuition: $270.00
Workbook/Supplies Fee: $20.00
Total: $290.00
This discount is available to students registering 4 weeks before the class begins.

Deposit: $100.00 due upon registration


Weekend Workshops

6 hours of instruction per day with lunch break included. There will be hands-on instruction followed by a full day of working digitally on commercials (Taught by Script Supervisor(s) with extensive experience in Commercials)

Please note: Each Beginning Script Supervising workshop is confirmed upon enrollment of 4 to 8 students. Notification that the enrollment has been met will be provided 3 weeks before the start date of any class via contact information students will provide in the registration form.

At this time, no workshops have been scheduled for 2024.