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"Larry Leahy is my favorite professor not just in film school, but in my entire life. Lessons of Filmmaking he gave me are priceless. He is very respectful, patient, educated person. His class was my favorite one and I never missed it, because I knew that nobody will give me such brilliant suggestions and knowledge in Filmmaking as Larry L."

"Larry, is a focused, intelligent, and inspirational instructor. By far the best teacher I've ever had in film school. We have very similar film favorites; making class more informative and interesting. I couldn't ask for a better class experience."

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"Larry Leahy was my favorite teacher. I got so much useful information from him that even if his class was the only one I ever took at film school it would have been worth it. He is a great person, and his lessons were full of humor and perfect examples supporting the material."

"Larry Leahy, is a great film professor and one of my favorites of all time. He's extremely creative and has a fantastic creative eye. He has helped my films reach their max potential as well as develop my cinematic reel, and giving me more confidence in my quest for film making. Very approachable and most importantly he cares about film."

"Excellent teacher. Very inspiring! He truly cares about his students success in the class and outside the class. Very supportive. Always had something constructive to say, motivating us to grow as filmmakers."

"All the classes I took with Larry were interesting and useful. He was a great hands on teacher really worried about our learning."

"My favorite teacher. Incredibly dedicated & inspiring. He made the course material fun & entertaining, and his experience making and working on films made me want to follow this for my life's work. Never missed a class!!!."

The Art & Craft of Independent Filmmaking

Director's Lab:
A Step by Step Workshop for Micro-Budget Production

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Cinema Workshops is offering a unique Writing/Producing/Director's Lab to a small group (6 – 7) of dedicated, first time feature filmmakers who are ready to take that next big step and make a feature film.

The workshop is intended to take you step by step, point by point, through the complex, and often intimidating process of shooting your first feature film.

Successfully completing and marketing a quality, low budget film can be much more demanding than directing a larger budget movie because you have to substitute imagination for money, and passion for the lack of experience.

The first time feature filmmaker faces a set of seemingly endless challenges that no single book, weekend seminar, or film school degree can totally prepare you for, except the experience of making your first feature film, but unfortunately, way too many first time directors are simply not equipped for what lies ahead, and the odds of success are stacked against them.

This workshop is aimed at moving the odds in your favor.

The hands-on, intensive course material will take you step by step through every aspect of the micro-budget filmmaking process, from finding the right script, to forming the business entity you will need to produce the film, to negotiating the necessary legal agreements, to the final stages of preparing for production.

This workshop is intended to help organize you for the real world realities that are unfortunately NOT taught in the academic milieu of a film school. Filmmaking is a creative endeavor, but it is also a business that needs to be built upon a solid marketing strategy.

Each session is structured around your specific project in a caring, mentor-type environment with experienced, working professionals who have been down this road before.

Each class will provide you with the invaluable practical experience you need to be a confident and effective filmmaker, but at the same time is NOT intended to make the process into a dogmatic, "paint by numbers" experience. The goal is to truly free you to be as creative and imaginative as possible, while at the same time, approaching your project as a commercial venture.

Included with the workshop is a free thumb drive containing a library of proprietary documents and agreements that is essential to making your first feature film, (valued at more than the cost of the course alone).

It is preferred that you already have a rough draft original script that you want to direct available at the start of the workshop, but if not, we will provide you with the unproduced source material needed to write a rough draft screenplay.

Part 1: Producing
Creating an effective strategy and support team

Part 2: The Script
How to build the successful foundation for your story

Part 3: Directing
How to successfully execute your plan, pay the rent, and not lose your significant other in the process

This course is taught by Larry Leahy.

* Limited Enrollment
Please contact Larry Leahy at or 310-828-3552 for availability and/or further detailed information about the course.



The class is composed of 18, four hour sessions (with a 1 hour break for lunch), plus 1 private consultation per week, for six weeks where we focus exclusively on the development of your own personal project.

The structure of the class is designed to take your feature project through the entire development and pre-production process, breaking the workshop into three equal categories of writing, producing, and directing.

It is preferred that you already have a first draft original script that you want to direct available at the start of the workshop, but if not, we will provide you with the unproduced source material needed to write a rough draft screenplay. The goal is to take everyone through the entire feature film pre-production process with their own original material, from idea to stage.

Tuition & Fees

Workshop Tuition
Tuition: $1800.00
Workbook Fee: (included in tuition)
Total: $1800.00

Deposit: $400.00 due upon registration

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Tuition: $1620.00
This discount is available to students registering 4 weeks before the class begins.

Deposit: $400.00 due upon registration

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Workshop Schedule


Los Angeles:
Location: Santa Monica
Dates: N/A
Meeting Times (with lunch break):
10:00 AM – 3:30 PM
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